The A-Level Autumn exam results will be released to students on Thursday, December 17th 2020

The November GCSE English Language and Maths exam results will be released to students on Thursday, January 14th 2021

All other GCSE subjects from the November exam series will be released to students on Thursday, February 11th  2021


Students wishing for a relative or friend to collect their results must send a signed letter of authorisation with the person collecting. The nominated person must also have photo identification with them. This applies even if the person collecting is a parent or carer. Results will not be given out over the telephone under any circumstances.

If you wish for results to be posted you will need to leave a stamped addressed envelope (also bearing the candidate number), with the Exams Officer or at the school reception before the end of term.

Result slips not collected or posted on results day will be retained in school for collection at the start of term, again with the necessary authority.



The exam boards issue certificates usually in the term after the exams have taken place. We will send communication out when the certificates are ready for collection.

Students are required to collect certificates in person, as these are valuable documents and we need to keep a record of collection. If you are unable to collect your own certificates you can ask someone to collect them on your behalf. The nominated person must have a signed letter of authority to do so from yourself and they will be asked for photo ID. If this is not available our receptionist is instructed not to give the certificates out.

Any student who has requested a sibling to pick up their certificates needs to ask for these from Reception, again they must have the relevant permissions to do so.

Any uncollected certificates can be destroyed after a year by the school. At present, the school holds certificates dating back further than a 1 year period. If they have been destroyed according to exam board regulations or have been lost by the candidate, they can only be replaced by direct application to the exam boards by the candidate. Proof of identity such as an original birth certificate and a fee per certificate will also be required.

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