Silverstone UTC students are taught about Life in Modern Britain through weekly tutor time (for all year groups including 6th form) and timetabled PSHE sessions and focus events.

These sessions cover the fundamental British values, the make up of their own communities as well as that of the school community. Students will also be taught about seven major religious perspectives in line with the Northamptonshire SACRE requirements.

PSHE is required at both KS4 and KS5 at Silverstone UTC, covering the following statutory requirements:

• Drug Education
• Financial Education
• Relationships, Sex and Health Education.
• The importance for physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.

However, while we are required to teach the above topics, in reality we go far beyond this as part of Life in Modern Britain. The aim of these session is to send young people out into the world with a full understand of how they can safely participate in a complex and ever-changing society.

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