The Parent Forum is a voluntary group of parents who wish to support the school and want to help drive improvements forwards by bringing positive suggestions from a parental perspective. The Forum is led by parents and parent governors which ensures seamless communication with the Governing Body for suggestions that are made. We meet regularly, before the Board of Governors meetings so that any suggestions made can be put to the Board.

Since its inception in the summer of 2015 the Parent Forum has improved the provision of meals in the canteen, improved the safety of parent parking and suggested improvements to communication resulting in the implementation of the online booking system for Parents Evenings and the use of SIMS Parent App for updating contact information and Google Classrooms for updating parents on the work their children should be completing.

If you have any suggestions that you would like the Parent Forum to discuss then please email and it will be raised at the next Parent Forum meeting.
Please note that the Parent Forum is not the place for individual concerns, these should be addressed via your child’s teacher in the usual way.

If you would like to get involved in the Parent Forum then please let us know.

Moving forward the Parent Forum has also recognised the need to look at ways to fundraise to support the school. With budgets being increasingly squeezed, this is something that will have a direct impact on the quality of the UTC experience for all our young people. We would particularly like to help provide funding to enhance the mental health provision at the UTC.

We have already been discussing the possibility of working with students on projects as part of their enrichment programme to put together fundraising events so we can make the most of the talents of the students in school.

Can you help…

  • Does your company offer volunteering days?
  • Does your company offer matched funding?
  • Have you ever organised a Ball? Would you be interested in helping to run one?
  • Do you have any other ideas for things we could do?

Parent Network Facebook Page

Please join the new Silverstone UTC Parent Network Facebook page.
We are hoping the page will prove to be very useful to parents. Please also feel free to invite other parents to the group.


Please read the code of conduct for this Facebook group. 

This group is about connecting parents from Silverstone UTC with each other. A place for reminders of events, checking of information and general ‘school gate’ chats.
Generating that network we all left behind at the last school. To support each other and generate a friendly and open minded group of parents in order to support our children going through Silverstone UTC.

If you have any specific issues or concerns relating to teachers or the school in general please either raise them directly with the school or via the Parent Forum Email address
If the group admin feel the discussion is unproductive or inappropriate they have the right to close the thread or remove the post.
Please respect this and we can have a friendly, fun and informative page that might even end up in friendships and socials too.

Your admin for the group are:- Donia Harker, Amelia Carter, Arabella Bown, Louise Bassett and Sharon Evans.

Please remember to do your online purchases via:

Parent Forum Easy Fundraising

Every purchase you make, gets free money for the UTC! No catch – plain and simple!
Please help us to enhance your child’s time with us. Click on this link, that’s all there is to it!


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