Full School Closure

It is expected that the UTC will open on all normal school days even when some poor road conditions exist. However, in the event of adverse weather, we cannot guarantee that staff will be able to attend school and a decision to close or restrict school opening may have to be made.

The decision to close/reopen the school will be taken by the Principal in consultation with the Executive Team and the UTC’s contracted and public bus service operators. A decision will be made by 7.15am at the latest, but hopefully much earlier, or where possible, the night before if conditions are predictable.

If the weather conditions are severe enough to force a school closure, this decision will be communicated by one or more of the following means:

  • A message will be published on the website home page as soon as possible. The Severe Weather Alert icon will be displayed on the school website homepage ( This is the main communication tool that we will use. Should you lose power in your home, this is accessible through most mobile phones.
  • A message will be placed on Facebook ( and on the school’s Twitter feed (

School closure announcements will be made on local radio stations where possible:

  • BBC Radio Northampton - 104.2 & 103.6 FM
  • Heart Radio in Northamptonshire - 96.6 FM
  • Connect 97.2 & 107.4 FM
  • Heart Radio in Oxfordshire 102.6 and 97.4 FM
  • Harborough - 102.3 FM
  • Banbury Sound - 107.6 FM
  • Corby Radio - 96.3 FM

Parents will not be contacted to inform them of school closure. It is therefore imperative that the school’s website, Facebook, Twitter feeds and local radio station announcements are monitored.

If the school is open but you are cut off, please inform the school of the circumstances as the school has to formally authorise the absence to the Local Authority. Parents acting on the assumption that the school will be closed without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents the child coming into school, risk their child’s absence being registered as an unauthorised absence.
Where the school is officially closed, all absence is counted as authorised absence.

Partial School Closure

Should the weather conditions make it impossible to continue classes during the school day, a message will be sent via the school website and a message will be sent to parents via In-Touch notifying them that the school will be closing early. Students with mobile telephones may be asked to telephone their parents to notify them of the school’s closure. Parents will need to make the necessary arrangements to collect their children as soon as possible. Parents will also need to make arrangements for their children in cases where no-one is at home during early closure of the school.

During inclement weather conditions, buses are likely to run a few minutes late due to road conditions. Pick-up times and locations will be as close to the regular schedule as possible unless you are notified otherwise.

In the event of dangerous or extreme road conditions, a decision will be made as to whether a full bus service is offered to all stops. Should weather conditions deteriorate greatly then only major roads will be used. Revised emergency timetables will be placed on the school website as soon as they are made available to the school by the Operators.

Revised Pick up and Drop off Points

In the event of poor weather, some stops may not be able to be reached. Should there be any updates, these will be communicated via our Website, Twitter or Facebook.

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