The Silverstone UTC Curriculum

The curriculum at Silverstone UTC aims to promote and support the personal growth of the students towards physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity within a structured, cost effective, caring, creative, business focused, energetic and inspirational environment.

This is achieved through providing a balanced, relevant and interesting programme of study appropriate to each student within their chosen route of study which is either Business & Technical Events Management or High Performance Engineering.  The specialism qualifications are delivered through GCSE and A Level equivalent applied courses.  Throughout the curriculum a range of experiences to promote individual responsibility and independence is integral to the learning experience, alongside clear and focused guidance and support (IAG) in order to maximise achievement and long term success. 

engineering events

Learning and experiences will be gained through adding context to learning through our knowledge and experience of what takes place in the target industries we work with. These provide experiences that will in part meet the needs of the curriculum but more importantly they give a greater understanding of what is actually happening in the world of work rather than it all being from a text book. This is a big advantage when students are applying for employment.

The varied and engaging mix of academic learning, real-world context and practical experience ensures that students are better prepared to join the world of work.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Curriculum
6th Form (A Level) Curriculum