At Key Stage 4, all learners at Silverstone UTC study Physics and Chemistry. In each case, the science curriculum is carefully sequenced and spiralled to develop a strong understanding of core concepts upon which students build throughout their studies. The study of Physics and Chemistry enables students to use scientific ideas to explain physical phenomena fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world around them. The study of science develops students’ critical thinking, enabling them to make informed predictions and evidence based decisions. It also enables them to understand the relationship between mathematical concepts and scientific ideas.​

In Chemistry, students will study states of matter and mixtures, chemical changes, extracting metals and equilibria, groups in the Periodic Table, rates of reaction and energy changes and fuels and earth sciences. The study of Chemistry enables students to hone their analytical skills and their ability to communicate complex ideas. ​

In Physics, students will study motion and forces, conservation of energy, waves, light and the electromagnetic spectrum, radioactivity and astronomy. The study of Physics enhances and complements the study of both maths and engineering. ​

At Key Stage 5, students of Physics and/or Chemistry can extend their learning in a challenging and engaging way, deepening their understanding of core principals in preparation for employment or further study. Due to the challenging nature of the subjects, Post 16 students of Physics and Chemistry are highly valued by employers and educational establishments alike.​

Ultimately, the study of science at Silverstone UTC, seeks to equip learners with the skills and understanding they need to be scientifically literate citizens and to pursue the study of sciences at higher levels should they so wish or support their progression into employment or further study in our specialist areas. ​

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