Being able to communicate in another language in a global economic community lets any young person stand out from the crowd. ​

The study of German at Silverstone UTC develops the skills and the confidence for students to speak in the language with a real purpose, are able to express opinions and maintain a conversation. Students will be able to identify and extract detail and infer meaning from different types of written language, communicate effectively in writing, describing events and justifying opinions and convey meaning accurately, both into and out of the German language. ​

The German curriculum is thematic and learners will develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across the following themes: identity and culture, local area, culture and travel, school, future aspirations, study and work and international and global concerns. ​

Study of a modern foreign language promotes intercultural understanding meaning that students are able to reflect on and be tolerant of other cultures and ways of life. This prepares students to thrive in a multicultural society so that they treat others with respect, both as individuals and in terms of background and beliefs. Studying German enables students to appreciate the value of a foreign language as a valuable tool in the world of work and provides them with career opportunities that are not open to all. Employers and universities recognise that success in a modern foreign language requires resilience, a strong work ethic and a strong attention to detail – this ensures that students who have studied German will be sought after.

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