EES - Gold Level Industrial Cadets Accreditation 

The Industrial Cadets is a national industry-led accreditation designed to enhance workplace experiences for your people. Industrial Cadets works with UK employers to create a talent pipeline and a future skilled workforce, whilst helping young people to develop the skills they need to enter industry with confidence.

A number of our students have completed their Gold Level Industrial Cadets Accreditation, completing a programme defined by the activities breakdown over a minimum of 50 hours. The programme framework illustrates the employability skills, personal learning and thinking skills acquired by each individual Cadet at this level.

gold pie chart

A few words from the EES Trust:
"Congratulations to your students on graduating as Industrial Cadets at Gold Level. It is a fantastic achievement – particularly given all that has happened the last few months. It was great that, despite the current situation, your students have managed to complete their EES Project. I know that it has been more of a challenge than normal but am sure that your students will have learnt a lot about STEM, the world of work, and themselves. Every year the students never fail to surprise us in terms of the solutions that they come up with to the projects that they are set. This year, more than any other, they have learnt how adaptable they need to be!"



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