Our Vision

“To boost the economy by ensuring an increased and improved supply of technicians and highly skilled vocationally qualified people.”

Our Mission

“To produce high-performing, work-ready, young people in a college without walls”

Our Core Values

1. To promote excellence, foster creativity and be the catalyst for transformational technical learning
2. To inspire young people to take a technical career path
3. To be professional, dignified authoritative yet irresistible, energetic and inspirational

All results have now been sent to students' email addresses.
45 minutes
A few inconsistencies in results means that we need to check in with exam boards before releasing results. Apologi…
13 minutes
@oskarwhite_ Last checks happening now - emails out by 10:30am latest.
21 minutes
RT @BLOODHOUND_Edu: @SilverstoneUTC we've had some great fun over the years at the #BritishGP @F1 @SilverstoneUK This year come to us and…
4 days
Missing the great atmosphere of the Family Zone at the British GP with the ever enthusiastic @BLOODHOUND_Edu team.…
12 days
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