Executive Team

Neil Patterson – Principal

Neil Patterson

Neil Patterson took up the position of Principal in March 2013 and worked with the UTC’s partners and governors to develop the curriculum and oversee the construction of the £10m campus. Prior to joining he was Chief Engineer at McLaren Automotive, where he worked for nearly 14 years. At McLaren he played a key part in the company’s transition from a motorsports based engineering company to a full-fledged automotive manufacturer.

Vanessa Stanley – Deputy Principal

Vanessa brings a wealth of experience in running schools. After gaining a B.Eng. in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College, London followed by a PGCE at Kings College, London, she began her teaching career in Wiltshire where she quickly became Head of Science before moving to Magdalen College, Brackley. Over recent years she has worked at The Hazeley Academy in Milton Keynes where she was instrumental in setting up the new school and achieving a grade of Outstanding from Ofsted within 2 years.

John McAfee – Assistant Principal, Pastoral Head, Head of 6th Form and Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding

Simon Hollies – Assistant Principal – Employability and Teaching & Learning

Neil Hopkins – Business Manager, CFO

Leadership Team                          

Andrea Triggs – Head of Faculty – Engineering & Design
Kate Lewis – Head of Faculty – Global Communications (English, German & Media Studies)
Lynne Gethins – Head of Faculty – Science (Physics, Chemistry)
Mark Jell – Head of Faculty – ICT and Computer Science, Lead for Behaviour Intervention
Julie Muscutt – Head of Faculty – Global Events (Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Geography, Citizenship, PE)
Jennifer Andrewartha – Head of Curriculum OperationsGeorgie Hart – Head of Key Stage 4
Tim Jenkins – Lead for Academic Intervention

Admininstration and Support

Helen Jones – Careers Leader
Christie Norris – SENCO
Fiona Hall – Deputy Pastoral Manager
Lauren Leeson – Teaching Assistant
Tracey Williams – Teaching Assistant
Charlotte Hopkins – Cover Supervisor
Jack Turner – Apprentice Engineering Technician
Debbie Forster – Science Technician
Nicola Woodhead – PA to Executive Team
Lucy Hughes-Martin – Exams Officer
Nick Jenkins – Site Officer
Innes Macaulay – Site Officer
Becky Midgley – Data Manager
Sonia Ramos-Gardel – Receptionist and Enquiries
Susan Young – Administration and Enquiries

Teaching Staff

Engineering & Design

Head of Faculty
Andrea Triggs

Tom Andrewartha
Victoria Archer
Stephen Christie
Robert Cowan
Colin Creasey
Tim Jenkins
Chris Knapman
John McAfee
Peter Reeves
Vanessa Stanley
Paul Thomas
Martin Wincott

Design & Technology
Victoria Archer
Robert Cowan
Andrea Triggs
Martin Wincott

Global Communications

Head of Faculty
Kate Lewis

Janet Buck
Rob Hamilton
Kate Lewis
Dr Morna Ramday
Emma Todd

Sonja Cook
Luciane Guntner

Media Studies
Emma Todd

Science, Technology and Mathematics

Head of Faculty
Lynne Gethins (Science)
Mark Jell (IT/Comp)
Simon Hollies (Maths)

Jennifer Page
Mark Jell

Rebecca Grantham
Tim Jenkins
Rebecca Shepherd
Stephanie Wilkie

Jenny Andrewartha
Tom Andrewartha
Clare Carter
Mark Longford

Global Events

Head of Faculty
Julie Muscutt

Business Studies with Events Management
Jessica Dixon
Julie Muscutt

Sonja Cook
Luciane Guntner

Caroline Kirk
Simon Hollies
Conrad Smith

PE & Sport
Dominic Fitzhugh
Conrad Smith

Jenny Andrewartha
Jess Dixon
Dom Fitzhugh
Luciane Guntner

Travel & Tourism
Julie Muscutt

Alphabetical List of Staff with Email Addresses

Name Email Address
Andrewartha, Jennifer
Andrewartha, Tom
Archer, Victoria
Buck, Janet
Carter, Clare
Christie, Stephen
Cook, Sonja
Cowan, Robert
Creasey, Colin
Dixon, Jessica
Fitzhugh, Dominic
Forster, Debbie
Grantham, Rebecca
Guntner, Luciane
Hall, Fiona
Hamilton, Rob
Hart, Georgie
Hollies, Simon
Hopkins, Charlotte
Hopkins, Neil
Hughes-Martin, Lucy
Jell, Mark
Jenkins, Nick
Jenkins, Tim
Jones, Helen
Kirk, Caroline
Knapman, Chris
Leeson, Lauren
Lewis, Kate
Longford, Mark
Macaulay, Innes
McAfee, John
Midgley, Becky
Muscutt, Julie
Norris, Christie
Page, Jennifer
Patterson, Neil
Ramday, Morna
Ramos-Gardel, Sonia
Reeves, Peter
Shepherd, Rebecca
Smith, Conrad
Stanley, Vanessa
Thomas, Paul
Todd, Emma
Triggs, Andrea
Turner, Jack
Wilkie, Stephanie
Williams, Tracey
Wincott, Martin
Woodhead, Nicola
Young, Susan