Where are they now?

In the first of a series of posts featuring our alumni, we catch up with one of our first students, Disha Naik, who joined the 6th Form in 2013.

With a clear ambition of becoming a Formula 1 race engineer, Silverstone UTC graduate Disha Naik is also very much an inspiration for young women pondering which career path to take.

Twenty-year-old Disha is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick after passing her A Levels with an A* in Maths, an A in Further Maths and a B in Physics as well as an A in AS Chemistry and another A in her chosen EPQ (Extended Project Qualification – for her, vibrations in engines).

“I started watching motorsport from an early age. I was always fascinated by what the cars could do and wanted to understand the technology that enabled them to do that,” enthuses Disha.

The UTC, with engineering among its specialist subjects, was a natural fit and Disha is full of praise for how the establishment helped her personal development.

She adds: “The speakers the UTC brings in from its partners are really useful – they give you a great insight into what industry wants. The variety of companies gives you a flavour for all sorts of roles in engineering, and you see something extra you can be doing to be ready for when you graduate.

“The environment at the UTC is also quite business-like and that’s really helped me to be really efficient in managing my time and workload.”

One would not be surprised if one day Disha becomes something of a role model for young engineers, particularly women.

“Engineering is all about getting creative – I spend far more time on a computer than ever getting my hands dirty. Understanding how everything interlinks and then designing something that becomes an end product is incredibly rewarding.

“From here I’m hoping to do a Masters with an integrated year out in industry. My goal is to work in motorsport. I am fascinated by the design side of racing cars but becoming a race engineer in F1 is what I’d love to do most. With Ferrari… that would be the dream role!”

Don’t be surprised if she fulfils that dream.

Disha speaking at a Santander sponsored event at the University of Warwick


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