Where are they now?

Becoming a statistician for big business or the Government is a role that Georgia Mold is already on the way to fulfilling after becoming another student to graduate from Silverstone UTC with top-class qualifications.

At Silverstone UTC, 19-year-old Georgia achieved straight As in Maths, Further Maths and Physics as well an AS in Chemistry.

Those qualifications plus what she calls the college’s “very flexible” approach ultimately enabled her to keep her options open before deciding on where to best apply her skills. And that has clearly paid off…

Georgia says: “I was looking at engineering but didn’t want to narrow it down too much – the UTC exposed me to engineering without getting too tied into it while I followed a traditional A Level course of study.  It was a very flexible way of doing things and some of the teachers have really shaped what I am doing now. They were very supportive of the direction I wanted to take.

“Also the way they do the school day there – two hour lessons, three lessons a day and enough time in between to get a lot done in terms of revision. It’s very good use of the daytime hours.”

Having graduated from the UTC in summer 2016, Georgia is now studying BSc Maths at Nottingham Trent University.

Looking ahead she explains: “Maths has always been my favourite subject and my achievements at the UTC were the best I could have hoped for.  I really like the idea of general analysis. A role for the Government would be great but I’m probably leaning more towards something in the business community – customers’ perks, what suits which demographic. In effect shaping where a big business could go in terms of appealing to customers…

“But lots of places need statisticians. Narrowing it down right now to what field is perhaps the biggest challenge!”

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