Technical Events Management

Business with Events Management

What is Events Management?

Entertainment & festivals
Exhibitions & conference
National & International Events

  • Events managers make things happen
  • Events ignite ideas and knowledge
  • They create and enrich the communities they serve
  • They bring investment to the country and local communities

What’s it worth?

  • The Events Industry is worth over £36bn/yr to the UK economy
  • It’s made up of over 25000 businesses
  • It employs in excess of half a million people
  • It brings 7 million visitors to UK every year

Find out more about the events industry in Britain here: Britain for Events

Skills Required: 

  • Be creative and able to consider a range of scenarios
  • Be motivated and determined to solve problems
  • Be able to lead and work within a team
  • Analyse and evaluate their work
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Sell and market ideas and concepts
  • Have excellent communication and persuasive skills
  • Be able to accommodate changes
  • Demonstrate good time management and prioritising
  • Have planning, organising and logistical skills