Student Absence

Full attendance and punctuality at school is of crucial importance if each student is to achieve their potential.  Only by being in school and attending all lessons, every day, will each student be able to learn to the best of their ability and achieve success throughout their life.  It is a legal requirement that students attend school regularly and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure this.

A recent case on the Isle of Wight has brought some media attention where a high court judge found in law that the definition of regular attendance should apply to wider period than just a holiday and a joliday in itself was not considered to be regular non-attendance.  While the Department for Education has not formally responded to this, they have made clear the expectation of high attendance and are likely to revise the law to meet this aim.

If an absence is planned please ensure that the UTC is informed in advance. We very strongly urge you not to arrange holidays in term-time.  While we understand that it is not always possible, we request that appointments with doctors and dentists are made outside the UTC hours.

If your son or daughter is unable to attend school, we would be grateful if you would inform us.

This can be done by calling us on 01327 855010 or by emailing us at
If you leave a telephone message, please speak slowly and clearly giving student name, form group and the reason for the absence.

The UTC Attendance and Punctuality Policy can be found here:-

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Northamptonshire County Council have recently changed the timescales for issuing Penalty Notices to parents for unauthorised absences.  Please see the letter and leaflet, linked below.

NCC Attendance Letter
NCC Penalty Notice Leaflet

Further guidance about school attendance can be found at