Silverstone UTC is a “Good” school – Ofsted

OFSTED_goodSilverstone UTC was subject to its first Ofsted Inspection in April 2015 and the report which has now been released shows that we have been graded “Good” overall and “Good” in all areas that were inspected with some “outstanding” features.

All the staff are delighted that the hard work involved in setting up a brand new school from scratch has been rewarded, and the governors and senior leadership team are already working to ensure that the result will be “outstanding” at the next inspection.

Principal, Neil Patterson, said: “I can’t express how happy I am with the result of this inspection.  It is clearly of great importance in confirming the credibility of a new establishment, and reflects what we already knew about Silverstone UTC, its staff and its students.  There is no room for complacency, however, so we will continue to work to achieve our goal of building high-performing, work-ready, young people.”

Some highlights from the report:-

  • “The great majority of teaching is good and some is outstanding. Very effective learning was observed in almost all curriculum areas and students’ work indicates particularly strong learning over time in English, mathematics, engineering, chemistry and physics.”
  • “The sixth form is good. Students receive excellent support and guidance from the highly respected head of sixth form and benefit from good and sometimes outstanding teaching.”
  • “Students are articulate, confident and focused. Students are highly regarded by the local business community”
  • “Data show that students are making excellent progress in English and mathematics. Comparison with national data published in 2014 shows that students are making much faster progress than expected.”
  • “The behaviour of pupils is good. Students conduct themselves very sensibly around the UTC and welcome visitors confidently and courteously.”
  • “The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good. Pastoral care is a real strength of the UTC and senior leaders use their considerable expertise to ensure that vulnerable children are protected from harm.”
  • “Students wear their business dress smartly and with pride. They develop good business-like characteristics, such as shaking hands with visitors to the school.”
  • “Students respect the UTC premises which, as a result, remain in pristine condition.”
  • “Employers who work with students from the UTC are unstinting in their praise of students’ attitudes.”
  • “Sixth form students are exceptionally mature, driven and articulate. Their conduct and behaviour are good and at times exemplary”
  • “Students develop very strong employability skills through regular opportunities to engage in team work and problem solving, including through projects devised by local employers”

The report can be read by clicking on the link below, and will be available on the Ofsted website from 9 June 2015.

Ofsted Report April 2015

Students at Silverstone UTC are all specialising in either High Performance Engineering or Business & Technical Events Management, and are strongly supported by partner companies to provide a real-world context to the subject being studied.  Attendance is free and anyone in Year 9 or Year 11 can apply now for joining years 10 or 12 in September.  Open Mornings and Evenings are running and those interested should visit our events page to find out more, or go to the Apply Now page to secure one of the few remaining places for starting this September.

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