Year 12 Application Form

Personal Details

Have you lived in the UK/EEA for the last 3 years?

Please enter subject and indicate the level studied (e.g. GCSE), forecast or achieved grade, and detail "Y" or "N" to indicate if it has already been achieved (e.g. early entry)

E.g. Maths, GCSE, Predicted Grade 4, N 

Specialism, A Level and Route Options
All students must choose a Specialism, a preference for study route and a choice of A Levels if applicable.

There are 3 routes of study in the 6th Form, each with different entry requirements. Choose the Specialism and Route most suited to your learning style and expected achievement at GCSE.

These routes are:-
Extended Diploma (Engineering)
Technical Baccalaureate (Engineering and Business)
Silverstone Baccalaureate (Engineering, Business and Cyber)
For entry requirements, see our prospectus.

For Extended Diploma please choose one additional subject as a reserve.

For Technical Baccalaureate please choose one additional subject and a reserve. 

For Silverstone Baccalaureate please choose two additional subjects and a reserve. 

An EPQ is available for all study programmes - adding an extra 0.5 A Level equivalent. 

In certain circumstances with certain subjects, students may be able to study a MAXIMUM of 4 A Level equivalent. This would need to be agreed with the Deputy Principal prior to registration. 

Subject Options


Does your child have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan or a Statutory Statement of Special Educational Needs?
Does your child have a learning difficulty, disability, sensory impairment or medical condition?
Do you feel that your child will need extra support in their studies for any other reason?
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