Year 10 Application Form

Personal Details - Parent/Carer

Personal Details - Child

This must be the address where the child normally lives and refers to the address that is registered with the child’s doctor. If there will be a change of address before admission, please contact the UTC.

Does your child have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan or a Statutory Statement of Special Educational Needs?
Does your child have a learning difficulty, disability, sensory impairment or medical condition?
Do you feel that your child will need extra support in their studies for any other reason?
Is the child in public care of a local authority?
Previously in public care but immediately after this became subject to an adoption, residence/child arrangements order or special guardianship order?
Is the child subject to a court order or known to another agency? (i.e. CAF, Youth Offending Service, Social Services).
Has the Educational Inclusion and Partnership Team of your local authority been involved with the family?
Is the child a refugee or an asylum seeker?
Does the child attend school regularly (i.e. >90% attendance)?
Has the child ever had a fixed term exclusion?
Has the child ever been permanently excluded?
Does the child have a parent / carer who is employed by Silverstone UTC?
  • A sibling is defined as a biological or legally adopted brother or sister residing in the same household. This is taken to include a step-brother/sister, half-brother/sister, or child who is adopted or fostered, in all cases providing they are living at the same address. Cousins, nieces, nephews and unrelated children sharing an address with the applicant are not considered siblings. The older sibling must be continuing at the UTC at the time of admission of the younger sibling. It is your responsibility to inform us if there is a sibling link. If you do not include details of your child’s older brother or sister, we cannot consider your child under the sibling criterion when applying the admissions criteria.
Does the child have an older sibling already attending the UTC?
Is your child a member of a Service (UK Armed Forces) family or Crown Servant Family?

All students must choose a Specialism, and then preferences for GCSE study from the options below. We cannot guarantee to be able to offer your first preference of GCSEs but we will endeavour to do so. If insufficient students apply for a particular subject, we may choose not to run that subject.


You must now select any three of the following eight option subjects. These are in addition to the specialism subject, English Language, English Literature and Science Subjects (Physics & Chemistry). Failure to select exactly three may mean that we have to decide for you which subjects you will take. Please make sure that you have selected three subjects before submitting this form.


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